Avie Banks
Avie Banks

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95 Days in the NICU tells the incredible story of how one tiny life can invite huge kindness. Avie Banks details her son's first few months on the planet as a micro preemie while highlighting how her family, community, and faith helped ease the copious challenges he faced. Written from the perspective of little Clayton Banks, we hear the voice of an innocent explaining how he feels, how he's treated, and how much determination he has to get home. Each member of the family plays a vital role in Clayton's development as we hear about his big sister (also born prematurely) showing bravery and selflessness, his parents' methods of bonding with and nurturing their son, and the overwhelming emotional, financial, and tangible support of their community. Banks allows us to feel the emotional breadth of Clayton's journey through his own words while never losing sight of all the positive that comes even with premature births. 95 Days in the NICU is more than a medical history or a personal narrative, it's a well-balanced tale of hope, perseverance and belief.



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